Early Paintings 1970s - 80s

"Morning After" 1979 oil on canvas 43"x39"

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"Imeretian Wedding" 1982 oil on canvas

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Mid 80s Abstraction

"The Prediction of Crucifixion" 1988 acrylic on canvas, 79" x 63"

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1989 - Move to Paris

1989, 63" x 158" Oil on Canvas

I arrived in Paris, France in 1989 at the invitation of Gallery Felly. This was my first-ever stay outside of the Soviet Union and it would be a long time before I would return to my roots. In this period, I took part in various exhibitions in Paris, Strassbourg and other places. I was part of what was referred to as a post-Soviet wave in the arts that responded to a keen interest in Western Europe in arts from this part of the world, that had so far been quite isolated from interaction with the West.

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New Start

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Exhibition's view at DuMont Kunsthalle, Cologne, Germany, 1990

Following my stay in Paris, I moved to Germany in 1990. I was invited to be an artist in residence for a year by Museum Fridericianum in Kassel. I was provided with a very large studio space in which I produced numerous and now very large-scale paintings. In this period I became more and more engaged in environmental and socio-political issues, which I reflected in my works. I made several paintings depicting endangered species and commented in Georgian script on the human impact that threatens their survival. During this time I exhibited my works amongst others in the Museum Fridericianum, the Kunsthalle in Kiel, the Museum St. Wendel, and the DuMont Kunsthalle, Cologne.

After my year as an artist in residence at the Museum Fridericianum, I moved to Cologne, Germany. While I continued painting large size socio-politically influenced paintings, I also started serial

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World Wonders

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For a while I withdrew from making art and spent my time mostly reading books, particularly psychology and philosophy books, with the main aim to find out why I should be making art in the first place, when everything has already been done, and what is was that I was looking for or what I could offer through my works. Contemplating these larger questions, I became drawn again to exploring abstractionism in my work, because of its reflective and meditative nature which fit very well with my personal experience and the way I had matured as an artist. Over time these explorations led to the develo3pment of various minimalist abstract series, including "White Curtain", "One Liners", and "Moving Stills I, II and III".

Late 90s - The White Curtain

"Bedroom Window" (photo, 1996)

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Early 2000s - One-Liners

from series "One-liners" 2001 - acrylic on canvas 98.5" x 20"

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Moving Stills 1

from series "Moving Stills 1" 2002 acrylic on canvas 96"x118"

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Moving Stills 2

from series "Moving Stills 2" 2004 acrylic on canvas 27.5"x27.5"

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Move to New York
In 2003 I moved to New York, where -now over ten years since I started Moving Stills- I continue to work on this Series and still keep furthering this Minimalist-Abstract exploration and developing new "chapters" in this Series, which I these days title with the date of their finalization as a sort of personal diary.

Moving Stills 3

Moving Stills - Soho Grant Gallery, 2005

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In the summer of 2011, I participated in the Georgian Art Festival "Garikula". Here for the first time my paintings were exhibited outside in nature, which was for me a great experiment to see my works interact in a natural environment, instead of a against the usual white wall.

2011 - Art Festival "Fest-i-nova" Garikula (Republic of Georgia)

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